Ecobee Wi-Fi SmartThermostat Premium for Pro (Heat Pump: 4 Heat/2 Cool – Conventional: 2 Heat/2 Cool)



Model #  EB-STATE6P-01


Why homeowners love this product!
-Industry-leading 5-year warranty
-Energy Star Certified
-Automatically helps homeowners save up to 26% on heating and cooling costs, while keeping them comfortable with included room sensor.
-Built-in air quality monitor that alerts you when air quality is poor and can send reminders when it's time to change the air filter.
-Built-in smoke alarm detection, presence detection to alert of issues when homeowner is not home, and freeze detection to notify of sudden temperature drops
-Helps lower homeowners carbon footprint by automatically conserving energy.  Designed with quality materials to last for over 10 years
-Sustainability Mercury-free, Arsenic-free, PVC-free, RoHS Compliant
-4" full coler touch screen LCD
-Built-in Microphone, built-in speaker, far-field voice recognition
-Works with other ecobee products: ecobee Smart Security (subscription required), SmartSensors, SmartSensors for doors and windows, SmartCamera with voice control!

Thermostat Sensors
-Air Quality Monitor (VOC & eCO2)
-Radar occupancy & proximity sensing
-Alexa Built-In
-Siri Enabled* (Apple home hub required)

-Works with most 24 VAC HVAC equipment (Gas, Oil, Electric, Dual Fuel)
Conventional: (2 Heat/2 Cool)
Heat Pumps: (4 Heat/2 Cool)
2 stage heat pump + 2 stage Aux/2 stage cool

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2 reviews for Ecobee Wi-Fi SmartThermostat Premium for Pro (Heat Pump: 4 Heat/2 Cool – Conventional: 2 Heat/2 Cool)

  1. Kent

    Get ready for a game-changer with the Ecobee Wi-Fi SmartThermostat Premium for Pro! Despite its unbelievable price, this thermostat offers cutting-edge features, including compatibility with various HVAC systems, ensuring precise control and energy efficiency. It’s a premium upgrade that delivers exceptional performance and convenience, setting a new standard for home climate control at an astonishing value!

  2. Paul G

    I recently purchased the Ecobee Wi-Fi SmartThermostat Premium for Pro, and I’m ecstatic to share that the price is remarkably reasonable for a thermostat packed with such advanced features! The compatibility with multiple heating and cooling systems, along with its intuitive interface and energy-saving capabilities, has not only exceeded my expectations but also made it a standout choice for anyone seeking a top-tier and cost-effective solution for their HVAC needs.

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