3/8″ x 1 1/8″ Copper Refrigerant Line Set (50′)




Copper tubing connects the outdoor condenser to the indoor coil and allows the refrigerant to travel back and forth from these units.  It is best to replace your copper line set when installing a new system, especially if you switch refrigerants.  This will ensure there are no leaks or contaminates that will affect the efficient operation and longevity of the new system.  

One Roll Each of 3/8" and 1 & 1/8" Copper Tubing

Non-Insulated (Insulation Sold Separately)
50 Foot Rolls of Copper Tubing
Does not come Pre-Charged with Refrigerant
Liquid Line Size (In.): 3/8 O.D.
Suction Line Size (In.): 1-1/8 O.D.
For Use With: Air Conditioning and Heating Systems

*Please check with your HVAC contractor to make sure you purchase the correct size copper for your system and application.  Copper size requirements can vary based on the system and length of your copper line set.  Condenser specification sheets can assist with the selection of copper tubing.

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