Unmatched Protection with Our In-Line Overflow Shut-Off Switch (Float Switch)



Model No. SS2-GEN3

Experience unmatched protection for your A/C system with our In-Line Overflow Shut-Off Switch. This compact, easy-to-install device vigilantly monitors your A/C condensate drains for clogs, shutting off the system to prevent water damage. With its reliable magnetic reed switch design and code compliance, you’re investing in a product and peace of mind.


Ensure the longevity of your A/C system with our In-Line Overflow Shut-Off Switch. Designed to perfection, it vigilantly detects any clogs in your A/C condensate drains. It proactively shuts off your system to prevent potential water damage to your property, safeguarding your floors, walls, and ceilings.

Our L-Shaped switch, bearing model number SS2-GEN3, is thoughtfully designed to install on auxiliary pan outlets, eliminating the need for any plugs. Thanks to its compact design, it conveniently fits into tight spaces and can catch clogs in primary pan outlet nipples. It comes pre-wired with a 4-foot 18 AWG wire, making installation a breeze.

Why Choose Our In-Line Overflow Shut-Off Switch?

  • Unrivaled Reliability: Touted as the most reliable switch on the market, it ensures uninterrupted performance.
  • Innovative Design: The magnetic reed switch design ensures optimal functionality and longevity.
  • Hassle-Free Installation: Its easy installation process requires no leveling, making it user-friendly.
  • Easy Access for Servicing: Designed with ease of maintenance in mind, it allows for effortless servicing.
  • Flexible Connection: It can easily connect to a red or yellow wire, offering adaptability.
  • Code Compliant: It complies with all relevant safety and operational standards, ensuring peace of mind.


Trust the In-Line Overflow Shut-Off Switch to deliver unwavering protection for your A/C system and home. Invest in the best; invest in peace of mind.

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