5 Ton Goodman 17.2 SEER2 R410A Two-Stage Communicating Heat Pump Condenser (ComfortBridge™ Technology)



The High-Performance 5 Ton Goodman Two-Stage Heat Pump Condenser with ComfortBridge™ Technology delivers efficient cooling, quiet operation, and enhanced comfort. With a 10-year warranty on parts, lifetime warranty on the compressor, and Energy Star certification, it offers reliability and energy-saving performance for your home.

Model #  GSZC706010


Experience a new level of comfort and energy efficiency with our High-Performance 5 Ton Goodman Two-Stage Heat Pump Condenser with ComfortBridge™ Technology. This advanced heat pump system provides not just superior cooling capabilities but also optimum temperature control and energy efficiency, thanks to its two-stage operation and ComfortBridge™ Technology.


  1. Energy Star Certified: You can rest assured that you are getting a high-quality, energy-efficient product that meets the stringent standards of the Energy Star program.
  2. 10-Year Warranty on Parts: Enjoy peace of mind with our decade-long warranty on parts; registration is required.
  3. Lifetime Warranty on Compressor: We stand by the durability and longevity of our compressor with a lifetime warranty; registration is required.
  4. Quiet Two-Speed ECM Fan Motor: With our two-speed ECM fan motor, you can enjoy a comfortable home environment without disturbing noise levels.
  5. High-Efficiency Two-Stage Copeland Ultra-Tech Scroll Compressor: This compressor optimizes the heat pump's performance and increases its efficiency.
  6. Integrated Communicating ComfortBridge Technology: This technology ensures optimal performance by continuously monitoring and adjusting the system's operation.
  7. Copeland ComfortAlert Diagnostics: Stay ahead of potential issues with our built-in diagnostics.
  8. Copper Tube/Enhanced Aluminum Fin Coil: These materials ensure efficient heat transfer and durability.
  9. Bi-Flow Liquid Line Filter Drier: This feature protects the system from contaminants and moisture.
  10. Compressor Crankcase Heater: This prevents oil migration and provides better lubrication during startup.
  11. High-Capacity Muffler: Our high-capacity muffler reduces the noise produced by refrigerant pulsation.
  12. Suction-Line Accumulator: This feature prevents compressor damage due to sudden surges in the refrigerant.
  13. High and Low-Pressure Switches protect the system from abnormal pressure conditions.
  14. High-Density Foam Compressor Sound Blanket: This blanket helps to reduce operational noise.
  15. Coil and Ambient Temperature Sensors: With these sensors, the system continuously monitors and adjusts cooling performance based on ambient conditions.
  16. Fully Charged for 15" of Tubing Length: This feature ensures the unit is ready to install and use, saving you time and hassle.



  • Dimensions: D35 1/2" x W35 1/2" x H41 5/8"
  • Voltage: 208/240 Volts
  • Phase: 1
  • Frequency: 60 Hertz
  • Noise Level: 78 Decibels
  • Liquid Line Valve Connection: 3/8" outside diameter
  • Suction Line Valve Connection: 1-1/8" outside diameter


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