Smart Thermostat

Smart Thermostat

In the past, thermostats were simpler than they are today. These thermostats came with a dial that you would manually turn on when you wanted to get the house cooler or hotter. Soon, thermostat were digital so they could be programmed with various options available for presetting to different temperature gauges at different times during the day.

Innovative Gadget

So, what is the next innovative gadget when it comes to the thermostat? The smart thermostat has taken over from the manual and digital options. Yes, you still can purchase the digital and manual thermostat, but why not get with technology for a change?

The Smart Way

Some of these smart thermostat models work in such a way as to look at your patterns and behavior, using the information to program the thermostat accordingly. Many of these HVAC thermostats can be programmed remotely from the Internet, allowing the homeowner to make adjustments while not at home.

Making the Decision

The question now is whether you should purchase a smart technologically inclined thermostat for $250 or $350. For help in deciding if you should or not, think about the scenarios below.

  • Do I have technological skills to throw out the programmable or manual thermostat for a smart thermostat? Let’s say you are at Starbucks and able to check your phone to see if the home furnace was turned off or not. Does this seem surreal or just too much and you prefer to stare at that pastry case instead? Or what if the smart nest thermostat sends you an email report about how much energy you are actually using and recommends improvements. Would you be interested in receiving such details or are you the kind of person who would just press the delete button? Some homeowners love apps and gadgets as well as the concept of tweaking their energy system for the maximum savings, but there are some who don’t really care.
  • Smart thermostats are more than just energy efficient. They are amazingly convenient. If you are the kind of person who is always forgetting to adjust your thermostat upon leaving your house, before going on vacation or when going to bed at night, a smart thermostat would be more helpful. You would end up saving more money and when you are at home, this high technology gadget will allow you to feel comfortable in the temperature that it decides on.

The cost of the smart thermostat will pay for itself in the long run. It will check your energy usage and estimate your savings, after which you can calculate the length of time that this will pay for the smart thermostat.


There are various brands of smart thermostat to choose from. Some come with added features such as voice control and others only have Internet capabilities. An HVAC contractor can help you to make the choice that is right for you and also help with the installation process as well as teach you how to use it. So, call a HVAC technician or contractor to discuss your home temperature needs.

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