Evaporator Coil Differences

An evaporator coil is one of the key components needed in order for a central operated air conditioning system to work properly. This type of coil is used to turn liquid Freon into a gas, and it actually absorbs the heat created from this process. The type of evaporator coil someone needs depends on the installation style.

Goodman and Rheem are two of the top manufacturers for evaporator coils on the market today, but they each have their own specs for making these coils. Below is a brief description of these two companies, and to show their differences, there will be a comparison review of two evaporator coils, one from each company.

Goodman Evaporator Coils: Goodman has been in the business of heating and air units since the early 1980s. They pride themselves on making affordable evaporator coils, but although they cost less than some of their other competitors, they are still one of the top brands. Although they do make a few types of evaporator coils, most of the evaporator coils manufactured by Goodman have a horizontal configuration. All of their products are designed for quick and easy installation, and they offer some of the best warranties on the air conditioner and heating market.

Rheem Evaporator Coils: Rheem Manufacturing Company has been offering their well-made products since the mid-1920s. Evaporator coils are just one of the products that are manufactured by Rheem, and although their products are high priced, they offer their customers a great and long lasting product. Rheem is one of the top manufacturing companies not only because of their quality products but their world renowned customer service as well. They are known for making multi positional evaporator coils.

Review between the Rheem RCFL-HM3617CC and the Goodman CHPF-4860D6
Both of these products are good, but the Goodman model is considerably cheaper. However when buying products, the most expensive product isn’t always better. It is best to fully compare the products fully, because some lack where others succeed.

For instance, the Rheem model has a multi-positional configuration, while the Goodman has a horizontal configuration. This is an important aspect, because if one is replacing an evaporation coil, making sure that it fits in one’s existing air condition system is essential.

The other big difference between Rheem evaporation coils and Goodman evaporation coils are the style that they make. With these two examples, the Rheem model uses a multi-flex style, and the Goodman model uses an A-coil. Both of these manufacturers make their evaporation coils with a lot of the same specs and parts. For instance, both of them generally use a 3/8″ liquid line, and they both can use the same type of refrigerant.

However, this is where Goodman offers their customers a bit of variety. Their evaporation coils can use the same R410A refrigerant that Rheem uses, but their evaporation coils can also use the R22 refrigerant. Goodman and Rheem both value their customers. Therefore, they both offer up to a 10 year warranty on their products like the two mentioned above.

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