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While you can still find basic thermostats available online and in some local stores, many of the top models of thermostats are intelligent systems that are designed to help you better control your central heating and cooling systems. All thermostats enable you to set a desired temperature for the home or commercial building, and they communicate the system to tell it when to turn on and off. However, smart thermostats of today and new thermostats that are being designed for tomorrow go a step above and beyond to give you a superior overall experience.

Internet and Mobile Capabilities
Smart thermostats available on the market today have Internet-based functions, and some of these are available for you to access via a smart phone or through specific apps. They may allow you to check on the temperature setting in your home or workplace while you’re away and to make changes as desired. They may also enable you to customize settings with automated or timer features. While these features may be provided to you through remote access, you can also control the system through a touchscreen unit installed on the wall. Many of the most modern touchscreens available are user-friendly and are customizable based on your preferences.

Alerts and Reminders
In addition, smart thermostats give you the enhanced ability to control or monitor the indoor environment as well as to care for your AC and heating units. For example, in addition to alerts for extreme hot or cold temperatures, they may also have alerts for humidity levels inside the building. These alerts may be dispatched on the thermostat as well as through text messages or email messages to your smart phone, and they help you to minimize energy consumption.

Some advanced thermostats may also provide you with heating and cooling system maintenance reminders. For example, they may tell you when it’s time to schedule annual maintenance on your HVAC system or when you need to change your air filters. Thermostats of the future may be so fine-tuned and precise that they can pinpoint when repair service is needed before you notice any signs of a repair issue.

When the time comes to replace your thermostat, take a closer look at some of the more innovative and advanced models available. While these may have a slightly higher up-front cost than the basic models of thermostats, they provide you with considerable benefits that others do not. These benefits make it easier and simpler to control or adjust your indoor environment and to maintain your heating and cooling system.

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