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Its rare today to find a home that doesn’t have air conditioning. We have all become so accustomed to having cool air on demand that we seldom think about the unit that creates that cool comfort until it no longer works. Air conditioning units are mechanical devices and, as such, need a little thought and routine maintenance to keep them working properly. The best time to think of this is before problems arise. Replacing a unit that could have been saved with just a little effort is both expensive and time-consuming.

Just as you go to a doctor for routine yearly exams, a qualified AC professional should be called in to give your unit a thorough check. By doing this, small issues may be found and corrected before becoming larger, more expensive to repair issues. The best time to schedule the yearly check is before hot weather arrives. Most AC technicians aren’t as busy and can get to you faster, plus any needed parts are easier to come by than when demand is higher.

Good air flow is essential to the efficient working of an AC unit. Filters should be changed monthly or more often if there are animals or a large amount of dust in the area. Filters are cheap but can help prevent major problems with the unit. Be sure not to block the filter area.

A simple quick vacuuming of the indoor part of the unit keeps the coils clean and better able to cool. Think about doing this at the same time as your filter change; it only takes minutes but can help save you hours or days of uncomfortably waiting for a repairman.

When outdoors, think about spraying the outside part of the unit with the water hose. Again, this cleans the coils of dust, dirt, and any yard debris that may be blocking air flow. Once a week is not too often to do this during hot, dry weather.

If your thermostat is old, it may need to be replaced as it has a direct effect on the unit as a whole. Thermostats are affordable and easily replaced here at National Air Warehouse. The newer, digital thermostats are proven to work better and more efficiently. Some are programmable to raise or lower the temperature at certain times – there’s no need to keep the house at 72 degrees if no one’s home!

Air conditioning units are designed and built to withstand many years of use with just a little thought from you about the small do-it-yourself things you can do to keep it at peak performance.

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