Spring HVAC Maintenance Tips

It may not seem like it just yet, but spring is in the air. Friday, March 20th this year is the first official day of spring. Even if it hasn’t started warming up in your corner of the world, it will soon be time to start thinking about spring cleaning. Part of your cleaning regimen should include preparing your HVAC systems to run at peak performance when it comes time to run your air conditioning.

Before you fire up your air conditioner for the first time, there are a few things you can do. Following these simple steps will help your system run more efficiently in the coming summer.

1. Clear Away Debris and Trim Your Landscaping

You probably aren’t out looking at your air conditioning unit often when it is cold outside. During the fall and winter, trash, yard waste, and other debris can accumulate around your air condition and heating system. Keeping the area clear will ensure a properly functioning air conditioner. Also, once your plants start growing in, be sure to periodically check them for overgrowth. Your AC needs about 2 feet of clear space on each side in order to run as efficiently as possible.

2. Change Air Filters

This is not specific to spring, but many people don’t think about their air filters during the winter. It is important to make sure you change your filters about every 30 days to keep the air flowing well through your HVAC system. Read your specific manufacturers recommendations for indication on how often to change your filter, some HVAC systems that include a media air filtration systems don’t require changing filters as often. Clogged or really dirty filters can make your air conditioner work harder than it has to and even cause premature failures. Now is a great time to install new ones if you’ve been neglecting them. If they are dirty, change them.

3. Have Your System Inspected and Serviced Now

Once summer hits, it will be a lot more difficult to get a technician out to your home. If you schedule an appointment in the spring, they will have more availability and they may be able to head off any issues that you might have coming your way. The EPA’s Energy Star website contains a great checklist for what to expect in a maintenance check-up for your air conditioning unit.

If your old unit is not repairable and you decide that you are ready to look at a new unit, please one of the representatives at National Air Warehouse and we would be happy to help you. Be sure to get prepared for the coming summer by taking care of your HVAC system so you and your family can stay cool when the weather gets hot.

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