Packed heat pumps are used to either cool a house during the hot summer seasons, or heat it up when the weather gets cold. They are designed to operate efficiently in any climate, making them wonderful additions to any home. While they do take a little bit of effort to install since they require a duct system for the home, this is easy done by a professional at little to no charge when purchasing one of these systems.
How Are They Efficient?
Packaged heat pumps use coils to transfer heat from the outdoors to the inside of your home. This makes them most effective in mild temperatures. When it’s mildly warm, they can effectively pull heat from the air and coil transfer it into the home to heat it up. This transfer is done through liquid refrigerant that is placed within the system’s coils, which then can absorb heat from the outdoors, even when there is very little, and turn it into a gas. As the gas is turned back into a liquid, the indoor coil absorbs it and releases this heat into the home.

This whole process uses heat that is already there instead of creating it like most systems. This means that it will use a lot less energy than most other heating systems, making packaged heat pumps a viable option over other methods.
Packaged Heat Pump Tips for Maximum Efficiency
– When using a packaged heat pump along with an electric furnace, place the heat pump on the colder side of it, usually upstream. This will give it better efficiency.
– Sometimes, these systems can be pretty noisy. Try to find a system that has a sound rating of 7.6 or below, unless you’re able to place your packaged heat pump further from the home than normal. Place the pump on a noise absorption plate could also help reduce the sound it makes.
– Keep your system out of the wind. This can cause frosting problems in the Winter, and can also make it less effective at absorbing heat or cold from the outside. The location of your system is very important.
– Get a pump with defrost control. This will help reduce energy costs in colder seasons.
Packaged heat pumps are an effective solution for heating or cooling your home. With a little bit of work, you can easily save thousands on your energy bill each year! Just make sure that you pick a quiet system with effective controls. Also, look for the ENERGY STAR® label to ensure that you are saving the most energy for the price.

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