Mini Split Systems

Electric heating and cooling systems are referred to in different ways, including multi-split, mini-split (ductless), and split-zoning. Unlike the traditional central air conditioner, these units are created with split designs and without a complex system of ducts.

The mini-splits control temperature individually by using a singular indoor air-handler to be controllable by each independent room. It provides individual room comfort that is controllable to that particular room or space. It’s described as a split system because it consists of indoor equipment and outdoor equipment which is connected by a pipe known as a line set. Split system air conditioners come in two main forms; mini-split and central systems. The mini-split is an attractive option as opposed to a window or a through-the-wall unit. These type of systems are used to condition a specific space. Configurations differ, allowing from one to eight indoor units per unit outdoors. With a central air conditioning, the heat-exchanger inside is normally placed within the furnace/air handler unit of forced air heating system. It is then utilized in the summer months to allocate refrigerated air all through a space, room or building. These are commonly larger and placed in a cellar or upper floor attic.
Considered excellent for regulating the temperatures within a single room, the mini split systems supply control with the attached indoor component, resulting in elevated SEER levels. The footprint enables you to mount it in additional locations for less obtrusive installations. The electric split system offers inverters in multi-split system air conditioners. The feature is a ground-breaking design that allows up to eight indoor units to be connected to a solitary outdoor unit.

Typical duct-work in most homes loses 20-40% of heating and cooling generated due to leakage or conduction. Using ductless technology like the mini split system, indoor units can be installed in any room, or multiple rooms. This provides a perfect solution to heating or cooling exactly where it may be needed and when it is needed.

These mini split systems provide energy efficient, silent and environmentally friendly solutions for comfort. They are radically more efficient than conventional central air systems. They use inverter-driven compressors. The mini split systems also automatically regulate to altering conditions to distribute ideal comfort only utilizing the energy that needed. You can condition the rooms you are in while other rooms turn off or will setback. Zoning your home allows you to save power while maximizing your individual comfort.

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