Eco Friendly Heat Pumps

We love innovation and are constantly looking for new ideas in all things HVAC related. So we are really intrigued with recent developments in Europe. These days, hydrofluorocarbons are the preferred refrigerants in heating and cooling systems around the world. The problem is that they emit carbon gases that contribute to the increasing retention of heat in the Earth’s atmosphere – “global warming”. Drammen, Norway, has solved that problem in their area by avoiding hydrocarbons altogether. Using local fjord water instead of carbon-based fuel, the city uses its heat pump systems to heat their entire city, without emitting a single carbon molecule.

Norway’s Innovation Solved 65,000 Problems

Drammen, located 40 miles west of Oslo, is on the bank of a small fjord. For its 65,000 residents, heating their homes and businesses was a necessity that required constant attention. Their heat had been provided by individual heat pumps and furnaces, but costs were increasing as regulations were applied to address environmental protection demands. With its new partner, Scotland’s Star Renewable Energy, Drammen took a significant step into the future by using ammonia and fjord water to produce sufficient heat for both residents and businesses. Here’s how it works: the fjord water (8C/22F) is warmer than the liquid ammonia. It circulates across the ammonia tank, causing the ammonia to boil (at 2C/11F) and convert to gas. The ammonia gas is then pressurized and used to heat water to 90C/178F. The water circulates through the town’s heating system, warming its inhabitants. The gas condenses back into liquid, and the cycle starts again. Ammonia emits no carbon, so there is no impact on the environment.

Environmental May also Mean Economical

Heat pumps are already an economical source of heating and cooling, providing equivalent space conditioning a[t] one-quarter of the cost of operating conventional heating or cooling appliances. Within current industry standards, their energy efficiency is excellent and they are integral to a high quality of life for people around the world. As that world addresses global climate change, however, any innovation that reduces its negative impact on the planet is welcome.

Keep Your Eye On National Air Warehouse.

Right now, the ammonia-based heat pump system is not yet available, but its success has gained notable attention. It will almost certainly trigger significant research into bringing this innovative technology to the greater world community. At National Air Warehouse, we are constantly looking for these types of innovations in systems and design. As our customer, you can be sure that we will be the first to offer them to the public as they come available.

If you have any questions or would like additional information contact us to find out how our current heat pump systems can reduce your heating and cooling costs.

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