Goodman HKS 8 kW Electric Heat Kit



Goodman HKS 8 kW Heat Kit

Goodman heat kits are compatible with multi-stage heating controls
Rust-resistant nickel chromium heat elements for longevity and performance


Goodman HKS 8 kW Electric Heat Kit

Goodman HKS

Adding heat to your Goodman system is easy with an electric heat kit. The HKS electric heat kit is perfect for homeowners looking to supplement their home's heating capabilities without making a major equipment purchase. The HKSX08XC is a 8 kW heater capable of supplying 25,001 to 30,000 BTU of heating per hour. It is designed specifically to fit inside Goodman's air handlers, and features a plug-in wiring harness to keep installation quick and simple. Whether you're in a warm climate and can't justify a furnace or you're just looking for a little extra heat from your heat pump, the HKSX08XC electric heat kit has got you covered.

Product Compatible With
Goodman ARPT Air Handlers
Goodman ARUF Air Handlers
Goodman ASPT Air Handlers
Goodman ASUF Air Handlers
Goodman AVPTC Air Handlers

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3 reviews for Goodman HKS 8 kW Electric Heat Kit

  1. Henry

    I recently installed the Goodman HKS 8 kW Electric Heat Kit, and it’s truly a powerhouse in home heating! The price is surprisingly affordable for the exceptional heating performance it provides, making it an unbeatable choice for anyone seeking efficient and budget-friendly electric heating solutions. A fantastic investment for a warm and cozy home at an incredible value.

  2. Collin

    I recently purchased the Goodman HKS 8 kW Electric Heat Kit, and the thrilling surprise of its exceptional performance at such an excellent price has not only elevated my heating system but also turned a routine upgrade into an exhilarating and budget-friendly enhancement for my home.

  3. Kieran T

    I recently purchased the Goodman HKS 8 kW Electric Heat Kit, and I’m absolutely delighted with the exceptional price, the high-quality equipment, and the outstanding performance that have made my home comfortably warm and cozy in no time!

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