There is little doubt that your AC condenser has been running fairly consistently now that hot weather has arrived. Similarly, there is little doubt that you would like to keep it running throughout the duration of the season.

So if you’re looking for ways to avoid condenser failure and keep your home cool and comfortable for the remainder of the summer, then read on to discover 7 ways to help mitigate ac condenser failure.

1. Dirty or corroded coils. Time, as it does with most things, has a way of rendering them unusable. So, as dust, grime, and minerals scales accumulate, the air conditioner can not push cool air out efficiently. Extreme cases cause overheating and unit failure.

2. Blocked suction lines. When refrigerant lines become blocked, efficient cooling become secondary. If left as is, eventually your unit will fail outright.

3. Incorrect suction line sizes, especially if you have had your unit serviced, and the outcome wasn’t favorable. An incorrect suction line leads to unit failure.

4. Over-filled refrigerant. If you had your unit serviced by someone who may not have been so handy, it’s possible that it was done wrong. Too much, or even the wrong type of refrigerant can cause system failure.

5. Low charge. Leaks, cracks, and tears in hoses cause leaks. Over time, refrigerant leaks out. So while you probably won’t notice right away, soon your unit will become less useful, and your ac condenser will permanently fail due to the extra labor.

6. Electrical issues. Once failure happens, pointing to an electrical issue isn’t difficult. It’s often quite simple for a licensed tech to identify the root cause. To avoid this, simply have your unit serviced annually by someone who knows what they are doing.

7. Lack of lubricant. Oil lubricants keep your condenser running smoothly. You wouldn’t run your car without oil, right? Think of it the same way. Oil keeps ac condensers running free and clear. Have your oil levels checked each year as part of regular maintenance.

For more information on how we can help you, please contact us any time. If your condenser is aging and you are looking to buy a condenser to replace your old one then consider opting in for a newer higher SEER unit in order to increase your long term cost savings.

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