3/4″ Copper Refrigerant Tubing Insulation (6 Foot Length) Box of 8




Fiber-free, flexible, elastomeric pipe insulation for reliable protection against condensation, mold, energy loss and ultraviolet radiation in residential and commercial applications. Designed to meet the widest range of HVAC and refrigeration requirements in all climates.  The closed-cell nature of elastomeric foam insulation provides superior protection against thermal losses, condensation and moisture accumulation that leads to mold. It is the ideal choice for insulating mechanical piping systems.

Product Features:

  • 3/4 inch inside diameter
  • Closed-cell structure provides excellent condensation and energy-loss control
  • Effectively retards degradation due to ultraviolet (UV) radiation
  • Flexible material with dusted, relaxed ID's for easy installation
  • Superior toughness to withstand on-site handling
  • Built-in vapor barrier eliminates need for additional vapor retarder
  • Designed for use on air conditioning coil lines, indoors and out
  • Painting with WB Finish will minimize surface degradation due to prolonged UV radiation exposure

Additional information


For use with HVAC refrigerant/freon lines


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