The warmer months are perhaps the last time of the year you are thinking about furnace maintenance and upkeep, for obvious reasons. But we believe on the contrary, because it’s never too early to ensure that your furnace is functioning at peak levels before the cold arrives, and by then, it’s too late.

So to keep your furnace working properly and as designed, here are some excellent summer maintenance tips for you or a trained professional to complete.Furnace maintenance

– Inspect your filter. Perhaps the easiest step in maintaining your furnace is to replace your filter about once every three months during peak operation. Begin each warming season with a new furnace.

– Clean the dirt from all places, not just in obvious spots. Dirt can clog your furnace and stop it from functioning.

– Check ducts for proper air flow. Look for leaks in duct-work in between connection points and where duct tape is present.

– Test your pilot light and burner to make sure that they are working.

– Lubricate all moving parts, and apply oil where needed. Some moving parts require annual lubrication. If possible, check your user manual for more information.

– Check your furnace exhaust port. If your furnace is connected to your chimney, check your flue for debris. Clean accordingly.

– Perform, or have a carbon monoxide test done. Or better yet, install a carbon monoxide meter in the area where your furnace resides.

– Turn on the unit and listen for any odd noises that aren’t typical for your furnace. A strange noise is a sign that something worse is going on mechanically.

This type of maintenance is not only important for older furnaces, but also for new models as well. If you have a warranty, and you believe that your furnace is faulty, refer to your warranty about replacement or parts. Following the tips above should help to increase the lifespan of your furnace and and keep you for having to buy a replacement furnace sooner than you need to.

For additional information on how we can help you, please don’t hesitate to National Air Warehouse any time for help.

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