HVAC systems are just a common part of our modern world. We leave our air-conditioned homes to go to work in our climate controlled offices. In the winter months, we do not need to worry about building a fire for warmth. Many of us might not even notice this system that makes our lives so comfortable. Here is some interesting trivia about air conditioners and heating systems.

1 )Summer blockbuster movies owe their start to air conditioners. When air conditioning first became available, movie theaters were one place people could count on to stay cool in the heat of the summer. For that reason, ticket sales were highest during the summer, leading production studios to put out the best movies during this period.

2) The first air conditioners were designed for publishing companies. Without climate-controlled air, the paper would contract and expand throughout the year. William Carries created the first air conditioner to help publishers keep the air cooled and the humidity low to protect the paper in 1902.

3) Before buildings had HVAC systems, they were heated with radiators made from cast iron in each room or office. Cast iron radiators weighed 450 pounds per square foot.

4) Our modern economy flourishes because of air conditioning. In the 1960s when air conditioners became standard in office buildings, manufacturing plants and warehouses, most of the economic power was in the Northern states that were cooler in the summer. Since then, the South and West have seen 60% percent of the economic growth.

5) In the days before air conditioning, most businesses and government offices took a month off each summer because it was simply too hot to work. Workers were slower, less productive and depending on the temperatures outside it could be a health risk. Europe continues to give workers a month off each summer since many of their buildings do not have central air.If your home does not have heating, it will take your water pipes three days to freeze, when the temperatures drop below freezing.

HVAC History Infographic

HVAC History Infographic Courtesy of Estes Services

In today’s world, we take our climate controlled lives for granted. Like everything else though, HVAC systems have a history and have affected the way our lives work. At National Air Warehouse, we are committed to helping you get the most efficient systems for your money. Feel free to contact us for more information.

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