Frigidaire H8HK 5 kW Electric Heat Kit



SKU: H8HK005H-01

Frigidaire H8HK 5 kW Electric Heat Kit


Frigidaire H8HK005H-01

Adding electric heat to your Frigidaire system is easy with an electric heat kit. The H8HK electric heat kit is perfect for homeowners looking to supplement their home's heating capabilities without making a major equipment purchase.  Whether you're in a warm climate and can't justify a furnace or you're just looking for a little extra heat from your heat pump, the H8HK electric heat kit has got you covered.

  • Product Compatible with
  • Frigidaire B5 Air Handlers
  • Frigidaire B6 Air Handlers
  • Frigidaire MB7 Air Handlers
  • Frigidaire HMG Air Handlers
  • Frigidaire HMB Air Handlers
  • Frigidaire HCG Air Handlers


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