Compressor Hard Start Kit (1/2 HP-3HP)



This solid state relay and hard start capacitor reduces the amount of time a compressor is on high amp start up.  Increases compressor starting torque 300% which helps stop the light dimming effect on startup.  Increases reliable starting ability for PSC single phase systems. 


Manufacturer:  TradePro
Item #:  TP6
Extends the life of your compressor
Reduces light dimming effect
Designed for 115 volt thru 288 volt units
Works with 1/2 horsepower to 3 horsepower systems
Use on PSC single phase equipment 

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3 reviews for Compressor Hard Start Kit (1/2 HP-3HP)

  1. Levy

    Get ready to be amazed by the Compressor Hard Start Kit (1/2 HP-3HP)! Despite its unbelievably low price, this kit delivers exceptional performance, ensuring smoother compressor startups and extending the lifespan of your system. It’s a small investment that yields incredible results, offering top-notch quality and efficiency that exceeds expectations!

  2. Zayne

    I recently purchased the Compressor Hard Start Kit (1/2 HP-3HP), and I’m thrilled to share the excitement about the incredible value it brings at such an excellent price! This hard start kit not only surprised me with its affordability but also significantly improved the efficiency of my compressor, proving to be a game-changer in enhancing the overall performance of my HVAC system. Highly recommended for the unbeatable combination of price and superior equipment functionality!

  3. Clark A

    I recently purchased the Compressor Hard Start Kit (1/2 HP-3HP), and the difference it made in the efficiency and performance of my system is nothing short of astonishing—coupled with its excellent price, it’s an absolute must-have!

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