Variable Speed Furnace

Variable Speed Furnace

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In the general market today, there are three kinds of furnaces, but two of them are the most popular: variable speed furnaces and single stage or single speed furnaces. The HVAC system that operates your home most efficiently would be based on several factors, which include requirements for heating, insulation, size of the home, levels in the home, current duct work and budget; just to name a few.

The Consultation

Prior to investing in a new heating system, it is best to consult with an HVAC Contractor for recommendations and suggestions. These professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience of assessing the home to determine and establish the right options for your heating system.  Below are the most popular and suggested types of furnaces.

Single Stage Furnaces

The single stage furnaces are popularly called ‘single speed furnaces.’ Why? It is because of the fact that they consist of only one stage of high heat output, continually dispersing maximum heat capacity that the furnace was made for, even regardless of the outdoor and indoor temperatures. The single stage furnace runs from an on speed to an off speed without anything else to gauge it. In other words, it is from one speed to the next with no variations. For this reason, it is not cost efficient. In fact, it could run your energy bill increase at a higher than normal cost during the winter months when you turn the furnace on.

Variable Speed Furnace

The variable speed furnace operates on various speeds with the ability to control the precise heat flow or cool air throughout the house. With improved control of the air flow, it means that the humidity and temperature are balanced. With the use of advance technology, the variable speed furnace does a constant monitoring of data that comes from the HVAC system. It then adjusts the comfort level of the heat automatically. If you have a blocked ventilation system or dirty filters, it will inhibit the performance of the variable speed furnace because air would not be able to circulate efficiently.

The Comparison

In comparison to the single stage furnaces, the variable speed furnace does not typically operate on a number of stages, but instead refers to the furnace’s fan motor. This motor operates at varying speeds in order to control the dispersed heated air. When the furnace is off in the variable speed furnace, the fan motor is still able to operate, circulating air through the house.


Many people believe that the variable speed furnaces have an intelligent side because of how they operate and possibly will provide more energy savings than the single speed furnaces would. Speak to a professional HVAC specialist to find out which one works best for you.



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