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  • HVAC Tips to Keep a Two Story Home Warm

    HVAC Tips HVAC Tips

    What is the major challenge that homeowners face during the cold winter months? It is staying as warm as possible, right? Every person handles the coldness of the winter weather in a different way. The main objective, though, is to remain warm. When you go outdoors, you likely will have to wear the right clothing and shoes for the cold weather to protect yourself from ice, snow, wind, rain and the freezing temperatures.

    The Indoors

    With that being said, what do you do for the indoors when it is cold? Many homeowners don’t make the necessary preparation for the wintry weather. Yes, we are now going through the summer months, but that does not mean you shouldn’t prepare for the fall and the winter. In fact, there are many homeowners that are in the summer time frame and winter is the last thing on their minds as it relates to preparation. What if you live in a two story home? How do you prepare the upstairs area for the winter or even the summer?

    The Suggestions

    There are several reasons why you should maintain warmth in the upstairs area in a home with two stories. It can be quite a challenge, but here are a few proven suggestions below that you can consider.

    • Seal the home air tight
    • Make sure there is the right amount of insulation in the home
    • Adjust your thermostat
    • On the warmer side of the house, open up the blinds
    • Open up the vents and make sure there is no blockage

    The Right Insulation

    When it comes to insulation, you should be aware how important it is in keeping your house warm. It is even more important for two story homes. While downstairs may be warm, you still want to make sure that the upstairs is as well. The level and the kind of insulation you use must be enough for the area where you live. For example, if you live in a warm climate such as Florida, you may want to have an HVAC technician check to see what kind of insulation you need.

    Air Tight Seal

    When winter arrives, there are many homes that have cold air escaping in different areas of the home. This cold air will typically come in through doors and windows that are not properly sealed. You will find out sooner enough how detrimental this is to your energy saving efforts.

    Thermostat Adjustment

    One of the main reasons that the upstairs of a two story home is so difficult to maintain its warmth is failure of homeowners to adjust the thermostat. However, make sure that the thermostat is adjusted once individuals go upstairs and not before. Lower the temperature when no one is upstairs.


    If you need heating assistance before the winter months come around, solicit help from a HVAC contractor that specializes in heating and air conditioning, but also expertise in two story homes. If you want to be comfortable during the next winter months, make sure you get this done right now, regardless if it is summer or even fall.

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  • An Overview of Single Stage Furnaces and Variable Speed Furnaces

    Variable Speed Furnace Variable Speed Furnace

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    In the general market today, there are three kinds of furnaces, but two of them are the most popular: variable speed furnaces and single stage or single speed furnaces. The HVAC system that operates your home most efficiently would be based on several factors, which include requirements for heating, insulation, size of the home, levels in the home, current duct work and budget; just to name a few.

    The Consultation

    Prior to investing in a new heating system, it is best to consult with an HVAC Contractor for recommendations and suggestions. These professionals have in-depth knowledge and experience of assessing the home to determine and establish the right options for your heating system.  Below are the most popular and suggested types of furnaces.

    Single Stage Furnaces

    The single stage furnaces are popularly called ‘single speed furnaces.’ Why? It is because of the fact that they consist of only one stage of high heat output, continually dispersing maximum heat capacity that the furnace was made for, even regardless of the outdoor and indoor temperatures. The single stage furnace runs from an on speed to an off speed without anything else to gauge it. In other words, it is from one speed to the next with no variations. For this reason, it is not cost efficient. In fact, it could run your energy bill increase at a higher than normal cost during the winter months when you turn the furnace on.

    Variable Speed Furnace

    The variable speed furnace operates on various speeds with the ability to control the precise heat flow or cool air throughout the house. With improved control of the air flow, it means that the humidity and temperature are balanced. With the use of advance technology, the variable speed furnace does a constant monitoring of data that comes from the HVAC system. It then adjusts the comfort level of the heat automatically. If you have a blocked ventilation system or dirty filters, it will inhibit the performance of the variable speed furnace because air would not be able to circulate efficiently.

    The Comparison

    In comparison to the single stage furnaces, the variable speed furnace does not typically operate on a number of stages, but instead refers to the furnace’s fan motor. This motor operates at varying speeds in order to control the dispersed heated air. When the furnace is off in the variable speed furnace, the fan motor is still able to operate, circulating air through the house.


    Many people believe that the variable speed furnaces have an intelligent side because of how they operate and possibly will provide more energy savings than the single speed furnaces would. Speak to a professional HVAC specialist to find out which one works best for you.


  • Should you repair or replace your AC system?

    Air conditioner Unit Repair Air conditioner Unit Repair

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    If you are having trouble with your heating and cooling system or just ac system, then you may have to consider whether you should repair or replace it. There are several things that go into making that decision. However, first, it will depend on your budget. If you are contemplating on the decision, this means that you may have to check with an HVAC specialist to discuss your best option. In the meantime, though, if your system is not running as efficient as it used to or you have absolutely no A/C or heating capabilities, it may be time to replace it. In the long run, though, repair could be the better choice instead of replacement.

    HVAC Contractor

    When you are ready to make your decision for ac system repair, contact a local HVAC contractor for answers. If the contractor tells you to purchase new equipment without inspecting the old one, you may have to reconsider using their service. If the repair is going to be expensive and the replacement cost is less, then the obvious choice is replacement. If the repair cost is within your budget and once repaired, the equipment can operate effectively for a few years down the road, by all means, repair would be the perfect solution. First, however, let’s explore the replacement option some more.

    The Replacement

    If your air conditioner unit was built prior to 1992 and you own a standing pilot furnace, then you may think about replacing both, whether these need to be replaced or not. With this type of furnace, you are only receiving 65 percent efficiency and 8 SEER or fewer with the air conditioner unit. Replacing these units will save you tons in utility cost. Take some time to conduct a research and make plans on replacing your unit sooner rather than later. If you find that your A/C compressor is failing and you have no warranty, you could replace the compressor instead of the entire unit. This would cost you less.

    The Repair

    If you have to spend thousands of dollars in repair cost on your ac system, it is not wise to replace, but to buy new equipment. If you are unsure of whether to repair or replace, have an experienced technician inspect the equipment.  However, if you have a furnace that is 15 years or older and the repair cost is $750, then it is time to replace the unit. As long as you are receiving 95 percent efficiency out of the equipment, you can keep it after repairing and not replace it.

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